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Chiropractic Care

The FUTURE of Healthcare has Arrived !

  • Unlimited Visits

  • Flat Affordable Rate

  • No Insurance Needed

  • Little to No Wait Time

Physical Therapy

Our System offers:

  • Stretching

  • Exercise

  • Other Physical Therapy methods when necessary

Pain Management

Stop REACTING and therefore, WORSENING!!! You NEED a regular, PROACTIVE strategy — it's the ONLY way that works! It's like effective Dentistry for your spine and nervous system. And ChiroClubUSA's proprietary system provides EXACTLY that!

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Personal Wellness, Athletic Performance, and Faster Recovery. We All Need Chiropractic Care—We Always Have... Our Nervous System, Structure (Joints) and Longevity Depend On it. 

Exclusive Membership Perks

We Provide You With The Only Effective Chiropractic Strategy—PROACTIVE!!!

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No appointments. Just stop by at your convenience. It works just like a health club. No insurance needed with our affordable flat fee plans.

Multiple Office Locations

Find a location that works best for you. With our Lakewood Ranch and Clark Rd locations just off the I-75, weekly visits are easy to fit in.   

Chiropractic Care

Unlimited visits truly facilitates the body’s innate ability to heal and regulate itself—allowing for optimal overall wellness.

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True Wellness is about Regular, Ongoing Management ~ Not "CORRECTION."  


It's an ACTIVE Endeavor, Not a Passive One!


I cannot speak encouragingly enough how Dr. Andy at ChiroClubUSA has impacted my overall health with chiropractic care. Dr. Andy is kind, thorough and knowledgeable on personalized treatment plans.

I started going frequently when I had debilitating pain on my left side, primarily neck and shoulder. I was living on ibuprofen/Tylenol to get through the day. I was going in to the office for treatment off and on sporadically and while this helped very temporarily. It wasn’t until I finally listened to the advice to go on a more regular schedule and I am so glad I did! Today, I rarely feel the need to take pain relievers. I realize how much more lively and younger I feel by regular visits at ChiroClubUSA. Highly recommended!

—Meghan K.

Unlimited Comprehensive Visits 

One of the greatest benefits of routine chiropractic care  is the improved, and MANAGED, range of motion. When our bodies are done growing and our skeletal growth-plates close, almost all blood supply to our joints and cartilage stops. This is when our problems begin.  


Improve Joint Mobility, Function and Overall Health.

More benefits such as: decreased on-­going inflammatory and degeneration processes associated with the subluxation; improved circulation to take stagnant blood and synovial fluid out to bring in new blood and synovial fluid; improved nervous system function; and, more efficient nerve conductivity to transmit nerve impulses—70 Trillion cells count on it!

Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Traditional REACTIVE chiropractic care FAILS 100% of the time, because spinal conditions and diseases are allowed to develop and worsen!

Ongoing MANAGEMENT of the spine, just like regular interval oil-changes for our car, or regular interval dental care, is the only way to WIN the game.  


Get Back to Stronger than Ever!

Chiropractors can clear imbalances and alleviate stressors on the body’s nervous system and restore the general health of your body. Apart from housing the nervous system, the spinal column assists in anchoring muscles throughout your whole body.

Jennifer G.

Dr. Andy's system is like no other. With my chaotic running around schedule I simply can't commit to set weekly appointments and no other chiropractor clinic I know of has a program like ChiroClubUSA. I just show up whenever I want to either location and I love it!


Candace Morgan

Sleepless nights are never fun. For almost a year I would regularly sleep on the floor to try and ease my hip pain from a fall I had. I finally couldn't take anymore and signed up with Dr. Andy. After a few sessions my hip pain completely disappeared and my sleepless nights are a distant memory.


Brad Dunleavy

I've always used chiropractors in the past, but $50+ a pop gets expensive if you're going on a weekly basis. Then I met Dr. Andy and I never looked back. His prices can't be beat! And the best part is I never have to set up an appointment. 10 minutes or less is all it takes. I've been a weekly regular for over the past 2 years and have never felt better.

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