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EVERYONE in Sarasota, FL Needs Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Spinal joints are like vehicle oil pumps. What happens when the oil pump fails in your car? Not good things! Bad oil pumps prevent oil from properly being distributed throughout your car's system — resulting in low oil pressure that leads to all kinds of vehicle damage.

Similarly, when we lose motion in our spine through normal everyday living, our joints get stuck which prevents our synovial fluid (oil) from doing its job. Let me explain...

The disks in our spine rely on normal joint motion to keep circulating synovial fluid — which acts like its own internal oil pump and circulatory system that pumps nutrition and hydration into the spine and pumps out unwanted waste products. Like an oil pump in your car circulates oil to keep things lubricated, synovial fluid does the same thing for our spine.

From our mid teens to our very early 20's we have a healthy blood supply going to our spine, discs and cartilage. After we're done growing, our growth plates close and the blood supply backs away because there's no more active growth. But these are living tissues.

So how do they stay alive without a good blood supply?

The answer to that is motion. Individual motion to each of your 34 movable spinal segments is imperative to keep those joints healthy, now that there's no longer a healthy blood supply. Your spine now relies on motion to circulate our synovial fluid to bring in nutrition and hydration and pump out waste products.

Think of it like this... When your spine becomes fixed or seized, instead of a rushing mountain stream which maintains a nice ecosystem for the rest of the forest (our body), it's now a stagnant swampy pool that continually builds up waste products.

Which one would you rather take a drink out of? A rushing mountain stream, which has a high level of health and change over, or stagnant swamp water that collects the forest's waste products. The good news is that this condition is totally avoidable and manageable after it has already started.

"The research is clear, you can slow spinal damage down or stop it with regular interval Chiropractic Care." —Dr. Andy Goesel

Just like an oil pump in your car, you can get away with it not running properly for a while, but we all know something bad is coming sooner or later. So do yourself and your spine a favor, don't wait for the pain to show up because by that point there's already irreversible damage that you can't do anything about — except for taking up treatment from a lower starting point. So there's no benefit on waiting for tomorrow when you can start a healthy chiropractic care plan today!

ChiroClubUSA works just like a Health Club. Our revolutionary program offers unlimited visits, minimal to no wait time, open scheduling (just show up), and quick, highly-effective, 5 minute visits — with pricing so affordable that insurance is not needed.

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With two convenient Sarasota locations near Lakewood Ranch and off Clark Road.

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