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Why Traditional Chiropractic Care is Like Spray Paint for Your Engine Light.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Chiropractic Sarasota
Chiropractic Sarasota

Why the Traditional Chiropractic Care Pain Game is Like Spray Paint for Your Car’s Engine Light

The traditional chiropractic care system has failed us all. Expensive rates compounded with overpriced insurance policies have forced the majority of us to use chiropractors ONLY when symptoms appear, and then we discontinue care when our pain fades or disappear. Sadly, this is what the “mainstream” chiropractic healthcare system has become, and this is why it FAILS 100% of the time.

In the end, it provides as much benefit as a bottle of pills. Medications fail 100% of the time because they are nothing more than CHEMICALS designed to mask the pain, not a solution to treat your pain symptoms for what they really are—a PHYSICAL and MECHANICAL issue.

Pain medication is designed to make you feel more comfortable as your real problems go unnoticed, unaddressed and inevitably worsen.

Chiropractic Sarasota
Chiropractic Sarasota

Would you spray paint over your engine light and say the engine is fixed?

Of course not! That would be crazy! But this is exactly what “healthcare” has become—spray paint! If they called traditional chiropractic care what it really was, it would be called DISEASE-CARE. In truth, reactive care (which is what the majority of traditional chiropractic clinics and medical facilities offer today) is just that, DISEASE-CARE, NOT healthcare!

When joints move properly they stay healthy. When they jam up, or have too much movement, they breakdown and degenerate. This inevitably leads to irreversible disabilities, diseases, and nervous system interference.

What most people don’t know is that their problems actually start long before symptoms ever appear. The good news is that these hidden issues lurking in the shadows waiting to ambush you are preventable and manageable using a PROACTIVE approach.

ChiroclubUSA Chiropractic Sarasota
ChiroclubUSA Chiropractic Sarasota

Waiting for the symptoms to appear is a huge mistake, but unfortunately that’s what the majority of people do. And that's why ChiroClub USA was created—to provide a regular and consistent proactive chiropractic healthcare approach, the majority of us can afford, to get those lurking and hidden issues under control before they become an irreversible problem.

At ChiroClub USA we understand and follow the research and the research is clear. When you PROACTIVLY manage hidden symptoms before they appear and become a problem, you win the game!

The ChiroClub USA program offers: unlimited visits, an affordable flat fee plan, no insurance needed, no scheduled appointments to book, little to no wait time, and two convenient Sarasota locations just off the I-75: Lakewood Ranch & Clark Road.

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