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The best care

One of the greatest benefits of routine chiropractic care for you is the improved (AND MANAGED) range of motion.  When our bodies are done growing and our skeletal growth-plates close, almost all blood supply to our joints and cartilage stops.  But these are living tissues ?  How do they stay alive, or even healthy, without a blood supply?  The Answer:  Joint MOTION !  A normally functioning (moving) joint acts like its own circulatory system ~ consistently pumping in new nutrition and hydration, while pumping out waste products. 


This is necessity - for ALL of us !  When our joints GET STUCK or move too much ~ this process is disrupted, and countless research studies have shown that this causes and advances degenerative joint disease at an exponential rate unless the MECHANICS are brought under control AND MANAGED. 


Reactive or episodic care only when symptoms appear does not work.  Symptoms typically show up after irreversible damage has already happened.  Chiropractic care, on a regular, ongoing and therefore, proactive basis is the only way to keep healthy spinal joints ~ or at least slow or stop a process that has already begun.  ChiroClubUSA was created for this purpose. 

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